Who’s excited for Autumn??!🍁🍁🍁

Hiya everyone! So I’ve got to say, I’m so so excited for Autumn and all the cute outfit and make up looks! Do you guys also like autumn?? Because is it just me but I’m getting super fed up of the heat!😪😪 as I’m super excited for Autumn I just created a make up look on it! And just uploaded it onto my YouTube channel, would love for you all to check it out and comment back so we can get to know each other!! Loves you, Amy xo 



Sleek make up – matte me lip cream & bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick💞

The sleek product cost me £4.99, which I cannot really complain about the price. There’s a decent amount of different colours, however I feel like there could definitely be more. I have this in velevt slipper, but I definetly prefer this shade due to the fact velevt slipper is definitely very streaky, and I have to build the colour up, which doesn’t fill that nice on the lips. This product is definitely very drying so if your lips are on the drier side or even quite dry I wouldn’t recommend this product and it shows up any lines on your lips. However I would say that this shade is much easier to apply and does go on a lot smoother. This product I found when putting it on my hand takes a long time to dry, and in fact doesn’t go completely matte as it does say it on the bottle of the product. However on the lips it does appear matte but I’ve definetly seen more mattifying products out there. It applies and sits a lot nicer on the lips compared to the sleek one, as its not too drying. This product costs £8.99 from your local SuperDrug, which I also think is a decent price. Once you wait a while it does dry down a lot, which makes it a much easier product to wear on your lips as an every day lipstick. 
I definitely believe that both of these products are great for their price, but it just depends on what you’re looking for ☺️☺️ thanks so much for reading!  

Morphe 35P pallet 

Hi guys, so recently I purchased this pallet on beauty bay, and I’m so impressed with it! I chose this one because I wanted a mixture of popping colours and also a pallet where I can create a nude look. With this pallet i can get every look that I want! I’m impressed with every single colour in this pallet except one, which is the purple glitter as when I apply it to my eye I find that it turns into a black with chuncky bits of eyeshadow. All together the pallet cost me £18.50 which I think is an outstanding price , and i cannot rave beauty bay enough as the delivery was also free. 

I also found that the pigmentation of these products were also outstanding, I cannot rave about morphe enough, such affordable but amazing products.

Using this pallet I created this eye look which, I’m in love with ! 

Bourjois healthy mix foundation ❤️

I honestly cannot rave about this product enough! I bought it a good few months ago from my local boots, and since then it’s the only thing I’ve been using. It gives me a medium converge , and it’s buildable to a full. I got the shade light vanilla, and it’s a perfect match, as I find it hard to find a colour which suits me without looking orange. The scent of the foundation is also pleasant, but not too over powering which I love. The finish of it is slightly dewy but once set I have no issue with it. My skin is combination so I find in some places it may look a bit oily, but as long as I make sure i set it properly I have no worries ☺️ 

Here’s a picture of me wearing it: 

 I find that it covers my blemishes and makes my skin a really even shade , I absolutely love it xo 


French Connection Metalic Eyeshadows 

I have recently discovered two Metalic Eyeshadows in stick form from French connection, which was purchased in Boots in the UK. I am so so so impressed with the pigmentation of these products!! They glide on the eye, and are really easy to blend out. I also find that wearing them in my waterline also is such a pretty look. However, I feel that they could get a bit runny so you definitely need to be careful when wearing these in the hot weather! I have a goldy brown colour, and also a silvery metal colour. I think these look lovely in the winter and Autumn, as they are cool colours are could look a bit heavier on the eye. These are great for statement eyes, as they are bold. But just make sure you’re careful to not over do it, as you don’t want to drown yourself out. They’re extremely creamy also, which makes it feel so beautiful on the eyes. Xoxo